Micks in Space

Micks in Space


Join Captain Mick 1, and his space cadets, Mick 2, Mick 3, Mick 4 and Mick 5, on their mission to spread romance and harmony to a largely defunct and corrupt universe. Herein is an account of their mission and interplanetary encounters, as they travel through space.

!! WARNING !!  This comic strip is particularly politically incorrect. If the reader is easily offended by tongue in cheek humour and/or derogatory insinuations about any country or nationality of their origin, no offence is intended. This is a comic strip, any material herein is not to be taken seriously. Derogatory references to countries / nationalities / public figures etc. are to be disregarded. The content herein is mostly shown to show the stupidity of the characters, The main pillory of this material is the actual characters. Contains explicitly biased material, to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Do not purchase, if bad language / sexual references / Fake stereotypes offend.



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